3 tips for cool wedding videography

3 tips for cool wedding videography

Have you been entrusted with the responsibility of creating your bestie’s wedding video? That’s amazing. In fact, a nice wedding video is one of the best gifts you can gift to your best friend. It could be that your friends are always in awe of your hobbyist videos and the couple believes in your shooting potential. At times, couples who wish to keep things among close friends, prefer to get the video done by a buddy done. Well, whatever may be the reason, you have to come up with the best possible video in your capacity since it’s your bestie’s D-day.

Are you tensed? Well, no need to freak out as the post below offers 3 important tips to keep in mind while shooting a cool wedding video.

Get a hang of the place

First of all, you need to have a solid idea about the venue beforehand. It will enable you to gather an in-depth understanding of the light, overall ambience and shooting potential of the venue. The research will also help you to fathom the best places for various rituals to be performed at the event. You must also attend the rehearsal dinners to grab a silhouette of the entire ambience you can expect on the special day.

Candid shots mostly

When it comes to wedding videos, candid capture rules anyday. Your main focus would be to capture the natural feel of the entire scene. If you make people pose for your video, your recording will lack the natural essence of the event. Since it’s your first time, it’s better to check some candid wedding videography samples online to understand the whole feel of the concept.

Have the focus & setting ready always

Wedding videography is not just about the couple- it’s also about their near & dear ones and their emotions. Now, you must have discovered already people are usually camera shy. Even if your bestie is an ever-poser, her favorite Aunt Martha could prefer otherwise. So, your task will be to have your lens ready all the time so that you don’t miss out on beautiful sudden chance shots. The trick is to keep the focus and settings set yet with the camera pointed to another direction. Stay glued to the ambience and try to find out capture-worthy scenes silently. Then the moment you find a one, just turn your camera to the right direction and start shooting.

Now, are you planning to shoot the video in MOD video? Well, since it’s your bestie’s wedding video, your friends would definitely want you to share it with them. But MOD is not a widely compatible format and you will need to convert it into MP4. It calls for a powerful MOD to MP4 converter and Movavi Video Converter is just the tool for you here. The Movavi program assures blazing fast conversion and that too without compromising on video quality.