Best Portable Vaporizer for Concentrate Crazies

Concentrates are a pretty indulgent human creation, and a true testament to our inherent natures of attempting to improve efficiency, ease and comfort. The cannabis sativa plant and everything it can do wasn’t enough, we just had to and find a way to concentrate the THC within it to a substance 90% composed of it. Still, pandora’s box has been opened and all kinds of concentrates from dabs to wax and budder are taking the west coast and the rest of the world by storm. Smoking any of these is sure to be a mind blowing experience but vaporizing it is the best way to get the most bng for your buck. Tons of fancy and minimalistically designed ‘vape pens’ are being made and sold all across Canada and the United States, to the delight of many who enjoy casually partaking in a little buzz here and there. For some people, the simplicity of these little vape pens is a godsend, but for others it’s just a hindrance and they want something with a bit more power to truly enjoy these honey-gold substances. The best portable vaporizers out there to really get the most out of your concentrates will run you for a pretty penny but the investment is worth it over time by efficiently juicing every last drop of THC out of whatever you throw in it.

    One example is the Firefly 2. A lot of top models out there are especially critically acclaimed for their performances with dry herb in particular, but most of these can also handle concentrates through various means. The Firefly in particular provides some special “concentrate pads” that you place concentrates on and insert into the heating chamber, rather than just throwing it in where you would put the dry herb. This model is praised heavily as the best portable vaporizer for the quality of its vapor path and heat up time in ratio to its small size and ease of use. You can control the temperature to a single degree of accuracy from an app on your smartphone as well.

    Keeping up with the smartphone app control, PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ are two other models which grant you this power. Between these three, it’s a matter of preference between aesthetics, heating methods, and battery power. They can all be considered among the best portable vaporizers, and can dutifully vape whatever sort of concentrate you toss in.