Discovering the Technology of Green Manufacturing

Discovering the Technology of Green Manufacturing

Manufacturing has certainly moved forward at lightening speed in the last few decades. What was initially a hands-on type of business, with the accompanying waste and pollution, has moved into the age of robotics and green thinking. While it may be true that in many third world countries there are still many types of manufacturing that pollute the waterways and air of that country, even here manufacturing is turning the corner on green business practices.

So, what exactly is a green manufacturing company and how does any business make the move from a traditional approach to development and production into a green approach? The answer is complicated, but there is a lot to be learned by simply taking a closer look at a few businesses that have not only paved the way to new thinking on what would traditionally be a dirty manufacturing industry, they have led it to new practices.

Here are a few that may surprise you when you find out that with the help of some new or emerging technology and a bit of green thinking, they have shifted the manufacturing process into a cleaner one. One that is better for both the environment and their own bottom line.

Rethink and Reuse

One of the most basic ways that a manufacturing business can be a greener one is by incorporating at least some of the principles of recycling into their business plan. For some businesses that may mean simply recycling the office waste or even taking the waste from the manufacturing side and finding recycling streams for it instead of simply dumping it. But for some companies it is going a step further and actually starting their manufacturing business from the vantage of using recycled material for production.

A good example of this is, a manufacturing company that takes old plastic and grinds it down to recycle into new plastic products. For many of the products that they manufacture, plastic is the best or only possible material. When they recycle as the first choice for the production of raw material they are taking plastic, a toxic and often dangerous substance, out of our trash stream. This recycled raw material is the result of new technology that allows every part of the recycled plastic to be repurposed, the ultimate in recycling.

Composting and Beer

You probably don’t give much thought to what happens to the bi-product of your favorite brew, but the founders of New Belgium Brewing did. That is why they made the decision to reduce their trash stream by recycling, reusing and composting around 75% of the waste their product creates. This employee-owned business is known for its Fat Tire Amber Ale and the fact its huge campus style beer production facility has bicycles stationed for employees to use.

The composting side has almost become a second business for this well-regarded company. It proves that you don’t have to only pay attention to the bottom line to be successful in the cut-throat business of beer brewing. It probably doesn’t hurt that your product is beloved by students around the world and based on the highly successful Belgium style of brewing.