Hobo Spiders Infestation: Here is what you need to know

Hobo Spiders Infestation: Here is what you need to know

Unlike a large number of spiders that are known to be harmless, the hobo spiders are one of the three types of dangerous and venomous spiders found across the United States. They are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest areas. To learn more about the venomous spider species, click here.

What do hobo spiders look like?

These spiders are about half an inch long, and their legs extend about half to almost 2 inches. They are often brown with yellowish chevron-shaped markings on their abdomen. Note that hobo spiders are very common from other spiders as their short-haired legs don’t have the dark-colored bands common in other spiders.

Where do hobo spiders hide?

Once they invade your property, hobo spiders are likely to hide in the following places.

  • Outdoors along with the foundations, retaining walls, bricks, stacks of firewood, and window wells.
  • Generally near the ground regardless of whether it is outdoors or indoors.
  • Indoors under baseboard heaters or radiators, boxes, piles, and other forms of storage.

Hobo spiders tend to create their webs in cracks, recesses, and holes. They create a specific type of web known as the funnel web. As the name suggests, this type of web resembles a funnel. It is usually built horizontally into piles or even on the ground. It can also be attached to structures near the ground.

These spiders aren’t good climbers but can run very fast. While they may not be aggressive towards humans, their survival instincts are likely to kick in and bite whenever they feel threatened. If bitten by a hobo spider, you may not realize immediately because you may not experience some symptoms or reaction instantly. But the bite can become severe with time, causing a slow-heating would and probably a permanent scar.

Hobo spiders control

In regions where hobo spiders are common, property owners go beyond the general pest control methods. It is important to keep debris, wood, and vegetation away from your property. Some usual stuff such as dead rotting wood is a natural web and a perfect breeding area for hobo spiders. To keep these arachnids away, you also need to make sure that all your doors and windows are well sealed and there is no way spiders can access your house.

It is also wise to use glue traps as this is a potentially effective spider control method. Whenever you spot the spiders and their nests, you can vacuum them and place the contents of the vacuum bag in sealed bags and dispose of them. Wear protective clothing and gloves when handling this task for your safety.

You don’t need insecticides to manage the process of eliminating web-building by spiders successfully. Consult with an experienced and reliable spider control experts to know what needs to be done. You may also want to leave the entire task to experts. Remember, they are experienced in exterminating and preventing infestations of different spiders and thus, they understand what works and what doesn’t.