How To Keep Yourself Safe From The Dangers of Bicycle Accidents

How To Keep Yourself Safe From The Dangers of Bicycle Accidents

Getting involved in an accident as a bicyclist is a possibility that you should be cautious of when you don’t follow the rules on the road. While wearing a helmet is a form of protection, it doesn’t adequately protect you when you get hit by a car. Before joining other motorists on the roadways, make sure you’re familiar with the basic traffic rules. When you follow the law, biking can be a safe thing to do. Considering the primary focus of road safety, here’s how you can keep yourself safe from the dangers of bicycle accidents.

Safety Tips for Bicycling

Staying safe means avoiding accidents on the road. However, you can only enjoy happy cycling if you keep your safety all throughout your ride. To prevent potential accident risks, let’s take a look at some biking practices from start to finish.

  1. Don’t forget to wear a helmet.

When riding a bicycle, your safety starts at wearing the appropriate gear including your helmets. By doing this, you’ll be able to prevent the possibility of sustaining severe head injuries that may be caused by a bicycle accident.

  1. Stay away from your phone.

Using your phone while cycling can put your life in danger. For instance, texting, talking on the phone or checking your social media accounts are always a big “no” in riding a bicycle. Furthermore, you should refrain from using headphones as there will be a tendency that you’ll not be able to hear cars and pedestrians approaching the road.

  1. Keep yourself visible from other motorists.

It’s best always to stay visible while riding. If possible, wear bright colors during the daytime so other motorists can see you on the road, thereby preventing the likelihood of bicycle accidents. Furthermore, make use of reflective materials during night time so even if it’s dark, some other drivers will know that you’re also riding the road with them.

  1. Stay in the right lane as always.

Some states provide a bicycle lane for cyclists, which is why it’s important to check whether your area also reserves a particular path for bicycle riders like you. If your state does, make sure you stay in the right lane. Always keep an eye on other cars and try to ride in a predictable way. This means you have to focus on a straight line and avoid changing lanes for no good reason. For example, if you’re turning left, don’t forget to move towards the left lane to avoid collisions.

  1. Make use of signals well.

Remember that most biking signals are performed using the left arm, thus always keep your right hand on the handlebars. Using hand signals is helpful when you’re navigating a busy street. When you’re in this kind of situation, be cautious of the traffic as you may get injured if you don’t use the signals properly.

  1. Get to know your state’s traffic laws.

Of course, it will always be an excellent idea if you check your state’s traffic laws before traversing the road. Take note that major cities and other urban areas vary when it comes to traffic rules and regulations. So get to know your laws if you don’t want to be in trouble.

Even if you wear the safest bicycle gear in the world, you can’t still guarantee your well-being if you don’t take your bike riding seriously. This means that you need to follow and apply the safety tips presented in this material to stay away from the possibility of experiencing a serious bicycle accident. While you don’t want this to happen to you or any of your loved ones, it will always be a perfect idea to speak with a qualified attorney to learn more on the legal aspects of bicycle accidents. You can click here to get the legal advice you need to prevent this unfortunate situation.