Kevin Sheehan’s Advice For Fashion Retailers

Kevin Sheehan’s Advice For Fashion Retailers

Kevin Sheehan owns a business consulting firm that deals with businesses on all levels and with diverse track histories. From startup environments, to tech giants and the best in entertainment, Sheehan has dealt with it all. Recently, the fashion world has been taking a downhill boot as e-commerce slashes away at their sales. This has made social media marketing a critical aspect at driving sales and catching Millennials’ attention.

Contests Grab Viewers’ Attention

Facebook used to be the place where everyone went, but now Kevin Sheehan Business Consultants have noticed a trend varied towards others sources: Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, to name a few. Creating sweepstakes where you can drive awareness and increase your followers by asking participants to share the post, like it and follow you, is a sure-fire way to grab attention. Another cool contest is to use thematic ways to get participants to play along. For instance, the most innovative answer concerning what a retailer’s next fall collection should be called is an open-answer way to kick through the noise. Another mention could be asking followers to vote on specific outfit choices, or to work with the budget-friendly aspects of the clothing line by asking how users would style said jacket or skirt. By asking users’ to then take photos of themselves in their favorite branded jeans, hashtaging the company name, and following the brand.

How Stories Encompass In Marketing

If you want to get people to remember your fashion brand and consider purchasing your new collection of scarves next time they roam the online world, Sheehan’s Consultants recommend using creative storytelling tactics to allow them to understand the brand. Using video as a strategy to demonstrate the end users way of life, instead of simply dictating the features of a brand, is a key way to make people feel closer to the brand. Following an influencer throughout their daily life, from mystical voyages to Bali and road trips through the West Coast, through the hijacking of your Instagram Stories will keep individuals latching on for more.