Prepaid recharge: Why it matters

Prepaid recharge: Why it matters

Your smartphone is your best friend. Keep it active always by recharging it on time!

Is there anything that your smartphone does not do for you? Short of brewing your morning cup of coffee, depositing your cheques and taking a shower on your behalf, your smartphone is the cleverest device that powers your life. It is your lifeline to the world, keeping you connected with your friends and other contacts. It is your virtual bank, movie entertainer, information gallery, news dispenser, music and daily inspiration provider, personal shopper and holder of all the apps that you need in daily life.

In many ways, your smartphone is the best friend you can rely on through thick and thin. It helps you transfer payments without you dipping into your wallet, alerts your family in case you are in some sort of emergency, and provides you with hours of entertainment when you are ill or bored. But it can do all this only if it is connected – and if you are a prepaid phone user, then you must do the recharge online well within time.

Not doing the online recharge on time can cause severe issues for you. The mobile service provider will alert you when your account balance is low. The alert is also sent when the next recharge date comes around. If you don’t recharge despite the reminders, or if you are too busy and forget to do the online recharge, then the provider may partially bar you from certain services. First off, your outgoing calls may be barred, and you may get restricted Internet access at extremely slow speeds. If you fail to do the online recharge even at this point, then the provider may be forced to suspend your services altogether.

Why go through this hassle of disconnection, when online recharge can be done within mere minutes using your smartphone app or the mobile provider’s website? Here’s how you can do the online recharge of your prepaid connection, if you are an Airtel user:

  • Open the myAirtel app on your smartphone or access the Airtel website to do the online recharge.
  • If using the myAirtel app, access the home page, where you will find the words ‘Prepaid recharge’ at the top. Confirm your details that appear on the screen: Your name, 10-digit Airtel number, and available balance on your connection before you proceed.
  • Choose the most suitable payment option: Airtel Payments Bank, debit/credit cards or Net Banking.
  • If your Airtel Payments Bank balance is low, you can load some more at this point. You can even choose from the quick recharge options that appear on the screen. Else you can input a specific online recharge amount.
  • Click on ‘Recharge now’. Input the specific recharge amount. Your online recharge for your prepaid connection is now complete, and you can continue using it as you always do.