Role of bookies in gambling industry:

Role of bookies in gambling industry:

As we know the craze of gambling games has evolved a crucial role among the people today. Especially betting rules the gaming world at present and even acquired a bright demand in the society. Taking this craziness as a prior advantage, the essence of bookmakers came into the light. Actually before going to discuss about bookmakers, we need to know about its word existence.

Existence of bookmakers:

There is a word namely bookies which states that it is a short form of a term bookmaker. In fact these bookies make money by simply placing bets. Here booker’s place bets by them are actually customer bets that are placed and those bets will be charged with a specific transaction fees. Moreover this transaction fees made by bookers on their customer bets is nothing but termed as VIG. On further these bookers might lend some amount of money to their bettors.

Let’s focus on How to be a bookie;

Generally the role of book maker or bookie is he will keep on accepting and paying off bets from players. Here bookies are predominantly helpful in accepting all kinds of bets that usually happens on casino games especially.

Strategies required for real bookmakers or bookies those who make sure of not losing their money easily:

The following strategies are the steps needed to know for the people those who really want to know about How to be a bookie exactly.

  • Just take the bets from the customers those whom you actually believe them completely. It certainly means that chooses the smart customers to place bets and charges them transaction fees. For example, if you select a customer who is unknown and allow him if he is smart. For example, if he has more wins in his account then he wants to take his money off from you, you are not required to pay him. If it is not possible, just pay him but do not allow him for placing bets. This is the key strategy required being a bookmaker.
  • Mark a line when you place bet on both sides in a balanced way by making VIG besides that. There is a drawback with this strategy is here if you experience wrong guess and move a line, you may fall in a risk. So in order to eradicate this problem, you have to know your users completely and track the both sides of your positions carefully is very important over here.
  • Just mark the line for attracting money at one side where you actually want to place a bet. Here the point is; you do not bother about gaining money as you already know the desired fact about your assured VIG. It certainly means that in order to gain smart users compared to the above discussed strategies that requires less smart users. This strategy is very hard to implement but it gives you more profit.
  • Remember that there are many people those who are intended to make some money in other way like by placing bets especially with bookies or by offering affordable services to them.


Hence the role and the essence of bookies are clearly discussed above. The only motive of bookmakers or bookies is actually it specifies the key element of accepting bets from all kinds of gambling games.