What Makes Some Web Registration Forms More Effective

What Makes Some Web Registration Forms More Effective

Have you noticed that your web registration forms aren’t performing very well? If lots of people arriving at the page but not filling out the form, or starting to fill it out and stopping midway – you could have a problem.

The fact of the matter is that some web registration forms are more effective than others, and by understanding why – you can improve yours:

  • Overall length of the form

The length of your form (i.e. the number of fields it contains) will affect how easy it is to fill out. Registration forms that are shorter and are easier to fill out invariably are able to attract more users, while longer forms tend to repel them.

Because of this you should eliminate any unnecessary fields from your form and stick to only the most essential fields – to make it as short as possible.

  • Placement of labels

If your labels are placed beside each field, people filling out your registration form need to scan from left to right and then top to bottom. However if they are above it their eyes simply scan downwards – which is less complicated.

Research has shown that placing labels above each field enables forms to be filled out more quickly – so that is what you should do.

  • Guidance and errors

Good registration forms should use a combination of hints and effective error messages to provide guidance. Hints should be placed near any fields that may require explanation, while effective error messages should identify the problem and suggest a solution.

  • Mobile-friendly design

The number of internet users on mobile devices has steadily increased over the years – and now accounts for over half of all internet traffic. That means that if your registration form isn’t mobile-friendly, odds are at least 50% of the people who come across it will find it difficult to fill out.

At a bare minimum any registration form that you create should use responsive design so that it is displayed correctly on mobile devices with various screen sizes. On top of that optimizing the form in other ways to make it more mobile-friendly could help its effectiveness further.

Try to take into account these factors the next time you create a registration form. As you can see you’ll need to customize your form if you want it to be effective, and using platforms such as AidaForm can help you with that.

Now that you’re aware of the reasons why some registration forms are more effective than others, you should know where to concentrate your efforts. Keep in mind there are other factors at play as well, but the ones listed above will have a significant impact even on their own.