What to wear to a cricket match

What to wear to a cricket match

Are you going the jeans-and-tee route or rocking a skirt or dress? When it’s a cricket match, there really are no rules – or are there?

The T20 cricket season is underway, and as the teams battle it out for ultimate glory, team fans are cheering from the sidelines and participating in the excitement. As each match concludes and your favourite team moves up the points table, you are in the grip of cricket fever like never before.

You may even have tickets to go watch your team play at the stadium in your city. The question is, what should you wear to the match? You never have to ask this question when you’re watching the matches at home. But in a stadium, you are expected to support your team with their colours, waving flags and making a lot of noise.

Don’t worry about it – we’ve compiled an easy guide on dressing for a cricket match this T20 season. Just read on and follow for some simple sartorial tips:

* Dresses are fine, but within reason.

Some women are comfortable wearing dresses whatever the occasion or venue. More power to them, we say. Dresses are dainty and feminine, and no woman ever looks bad wearing one. But be sure to wear a comfortable dress that is not too tight and which allows your skin to breathe. Log on to a fashion site like Jabong and browse their range of online dresses for shift dresses, A-line frocks and maxi dresses. These online dresses have comfortable silhouettes and they are great for the summer and the heat of the stadium. If you’re lucky, you might find an online dress in your favourite team’s colours. Leave off wearing fitted or bodycon dresses for a cricket match.

* Jeans and tees are an accepted ‘uniform’.

If it’s a cricket match, you must dress like your team does. No, it does not mean you wear the team uniform and go out on the pitch. It just means that you wear the team jersey, or rock the team colours through body and face paint. The simplest attire for cricket spectators is T shirts and jeans. After all, you’re going to be in a hot stadium for quite a while, shouting and cheering with thousands of others. You want to dress for comfort, and what could be more comfortable than jeans and tees?

* Shorts and skirts will do.

If you would rather wear a pair of shorts or a flared skirt to the match, that’s a workable option too. The hot weather might make pants a slightly uncomfortable option. Shop for skirts and shorts on an online dresses site, but be sure to team it with a cricket jersey. Cotton is best for shorts and skirts, since it allows the skin to breathe and you can be truly comfortable to jump up and down and dance the victory dance when your team wins.

* Pick the right shoes.

The most overlooked item in clothing when you dress for a cricket match, is footwear. You might be comfortable in your favourite pair of flip flops, but you should ideally wear shoes with a strong sole and a comfortable fit around your feet. Slip on sneakers or boots with a strong sole are good options.

Were these tips helpful? Now go out there and enjoy the match!